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Have you considered unsubscribing from receiving electronic communications from ICCRC? Here is what you need to know:

Unsubscribing does not absolve you of your responsibility from meeting your professional obligations.

Should a Member decide not to receive further electronic communications from ICCRC, they may be at risk of failing to meet their professional obligations, which may result in an administrative suspension and/or revocation in accordance with the By-law.

In case you accidently unsubscribe from ICCRC’s monthly bulletin and you wish to re-subscribe, simply email info@iccrc-crcic.ca requesting to be sent the “Confirm your Subscription” email or call ICCRC and we will send you a “Confirm your Subscription” e-mail. Once you receive the email, simply click on the “Confirm Subscription” link and you’ll be re-subscribed.

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