Vision & Mission – ICCRC-CRCIC STAGE

Vision & Mission



Our Identity

To be an effective, fair and transparent regulator of the Canadian immigration consulting profession.

ICCRC aspires to be a role model for other regulatory bodies in the way it regulates the profession, carries on its business, and protects consumers.

To protect consumers of immigration services through effective regulation of immigration consultants and promotion of the benefits of using only authorized immigration representatives.

ICCRC establishes and delivers effective policies, practices, and procedures to regulate and educate immigration consultants and promote the use of authorized representatives to the public.


Our Values

ICCRC is committed to the following organizational values:

Important decisions, policies and procedures are provided to Members, and, where appropriate, the public on the ICCRC website.

Achieve a high level of excellence in all endeavours.

Policies, practice, procedures and decisions are justified and well-understood.

The Board of directors and staff take full responsibility for actions and decisions.

The highest moral and ethical standards are maintained.

Members, stakeholders and the public are welcome to contact ICCRC on any matter relating to the regulation of the Canadian immigration consulting profession.