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Dace Stripnieks

Dace Stripnieks

January 17, 2018 0
Dace Stripnieks

Dace Stripnieks joined ICCRC as its first employee in May 2011 in the position of Executive Assistant to the CEO. With more than 20 years’ experience supporting C-suite executives in the health, technology, government and college sectors, and her leadership role as the Commissioner of the Canadian Latvian Guides for the past 25 years, Dace’s wide-ranging background has been an asset for the realization of the then newly formed Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. 

Dace’s diverse skills and breadth of experience has proven invaluable to ICCRC since its inception. She was instrumental in the acquisition and construction of ICCRC’s office spaces in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. She also undertook a leading role in hiring staff in all departments and in all locations. After having served as Executive Assistant to several Boards of Directors, Presidents and CEOs for five years, Dace was promoted to Manager of Operations in January 2016. Her continued strong leadership and operational management skills earned her the position of Director of Operations in February 2017. 

As Director of Organization Administration she provides support to the President/CEO and Board of Directors in providing leadership, implementing infrastructure and systems, as well as developing, implementing and administering operational and human resource policies and procedures. 

Dace, in collaboration with the CEO, is responsible for the coordination, management and oversight of the operations function of the Council at all office locations across Canada, including information technology, human resources, recruitment, property/facility management, acquisition of furniture and equipment, reception and safety in the work environment. 

As a member of the Senior Management, Dace also leads the Business Process Improvement Team. The Team’s purpose is to coordinate all business processes and integrate all departments to ensure work is done in an efficient manner with the goal of serving both members and the public in the most effective way.