Essential Competencies – ICCRC-CRCIC STAGE

Essential Competencies


As the Council continues to move towards competency-based regulatory programs and increased professional standards, essential competencies have been established.

Purpose of Essential Competencies

  • Provide the foundation for future entry-level exams
  • Support education programs by informing curricula
  • Inform the public and other professionals of the RCIC’s and RISIA’s role and responsibilities
  • Provide RCICs and RISIAs with guidance and direction in their practice
  • Establish minimum standards of the two professions
  • Provide the foundation for the new Quality Management Program

Click below to view the detailed Essential Competencies. Stay tuned for full reports on how Essential Competencies were developed.

Essential Competencies for RCIC PracticeEssential Competencies for RCIC Practice

Essential Competencies for RISIA PracticeEssential Competencies for RISIA Practice